preserving old and creating new

The construction and renovation work is progressing and now it is time to make decisions with regard to the details.
For us it was always important not to change the character of the house, that means to preserve old best possible and insert new clever. The extension will be modern but simple – clad in larch wood with a large glass front. The shutters will be completely renewed and made of easy care aluminum, in a greyish green, to be exact RAL 7033 – a fantastic color! The door is also made to be new and also in RAL 7033, but it will look exactly like the original door.
The floor plan is changed slightly to create storage space. The dining room will then be located in the extension and offers the best view in the large garden! The roof will also be renewed this year. My wish is a gray clay roof, but if that is possible due to the weight, unfortunately, is not yet known… Stay tuned and cross your fingers, please!

preserving old and creating new


Many, many helping hands worked for more than a month in our new old house and so much has changed. Clutter, wall claddings, entire walls, floors, plaster and much more has been removed – in many, many hours of dirty and hard work. Till now the house was just “built back”, but this was necessary to attain the status of a shell. From now on everything that happens is a progress and one of the next big steps will be the new roof!

In one of my next blog posts I’m gonna let you take a look at the plan – stay tuned!